Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Really excited about this FABULOUS review of WITHOUT A TRACE by Stephanie at The Boyfriend Bookmark!!

"Well…who knew solving a crime would be so amazingly hot? This is one adventure I am glad I found myself in the middle of. Two people who are so wrong for each other, but not because they aren’t attracted but because of who they have lost, are two people who are desperate to be together despite everything against them!

Rachel’s sister has gone missing. As her sister, Rachel is very concerned and worried that something bad is going to happen to her sister. Her sister needs regular medication for a heart condition and Rachel is determined to find her to make sure she is safe.

Matt is one of the detectives assigned to the case. But he is not looking for Rachel’s sister because he is worried about her. He sees her as a criminal that has stolen a great amount of money from the company that she worked for. But when he questions Rachel about her sister, everything that he knows is about to change.

Rachel knows that her sister is an honest and kind person and would never do the things the detective is saying. There has to be more to the story, but one look into that detective’s eyes and she knows there is so much more than just a missing person/stolen money case.

The attraction between Rachel and Matt is ridiculous. These two clearly have it bad for each other. For Matt, it could compromise his entire case. For Rachel, it could be deadly. These two have lost people in their past and refuse to go through that again. They know they each have their own attraction to one another, but until Rachel’s sister is found and the mystery is solved there will be nothing more.

Rachel is relentless in attempting to find her sister, Matt is now relentless in not only finding her sister, but protecting her too. This is a suspenseful read and one not to be missed. When these two connect for the first time, there is so much more there than just not getting caught by the bad guys. Sparks with a great fire begin to burn within… But what happens if they don’t find Rachel’s sister? If they find her, would it even be possible given those they have loved int he past for them to find something together?

This book was gripping and a pretty crazy adventure that I wasn’t expecting. I enjoyed the book a lot and though I wish there were moments in the book that would go into slow motion like they were in my mind, it is well written and full of angst. Two people who want nothing more than to find one girl and an undeniable attraction that can’t be fought…

I had to know that everyone made it out of the story. Did they? Meh… I won’t tell. But I think my heart did stop for a while in anticipation of what was to come! The characters were amazing and strong.

There was no weakness except where their hearts were concerned. They lived strong lives and neither regretted their pasts, only the people they lost. Which in this case was enough to put a huge angsty situation between them. This book just one of those books that you don’t want to put down."

Thanks so much, Stephanie!! Check out more reviews and fun at theboyfriendbookmark.com!

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